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Motivational Speech at the United Nations Headquarters – United Nations, New York
Motivational Speech by Malvika Iyer at the United Nations Headquarters, New York (YouTube)
Motivational Speech at the United Nations Headquarters: Closing session Launch of CEDAW for Youth, Youth Forum (CSW 61) – UN Web TV (United Nations, New York)
From where I stand: “Being a person with disability is challenging. Being a woman with disability adds extra challenges” – UN Women, New York
A Bilateral Amputee Offers a Lesson on Resilience
Co-Chair at India Economic Summit 2017
A Tryst with Pluralism in India – Session for the World Economic Forum and NDTV at India Economic Summit 2017 with Malvika Iyer, Prannoy Roy, Shashi Tharoor, Sadhguru, Dietrich Reetz, Karan Johar and Alia Bhatt #wefindia
Creating Indian Narratives
Meet the Co-Chairs 
Malvika Iyer Facebook Live
7 key moments from our meeting of global leaders in India
What worries South Asia’s young people, and what they’re doing about it
The only Disability in life is a bad attitude | Malvika Iyer | TEDxIIMKozhikode
Inclusion starts from within: Malvika Iyer at TEDxYouth@Chennai
It’s unfair to students
How birds of a feather found followers
The pursuit of happiness 
Where there is a will there is a way
‘Backwaters’ on IIM-K campus from Friday
To be differently abled, and gifted
Your daily dose of inspiration: After losing her hands at the age of 13, Malvika Iyer is now a world famous motivational speaker
Making Lemonade out of the Lemons Life Threw at her
Meet Malvika Iyer, the PhD scholar and Disability Rights Activist whose photo everyone’s sharing
Their’s is a shared dream
Can we give these folks a happy drive?
An IYER for the differently-able
Fashioning a new life
One among the 100 Change Agents and Newsmakers of the decade!
Against life’s greatest odds
Getting the ball rolling on inclusivity
She makes a difference with her grit
The inspiring journey of a bomb blast survivor who cooks even after losing both her hands
Live life king size 
Clothes that make the cut: Adaptive clothing
Summit helps differently abled
TEDx Youth@Chennai: Tales of struggle and creativity inspire city youth
Malvika Iyer’s amazing story of grit!
Able to inspire
Bilateral amputee Malvika Iyer’s doctoral thesis should be an eye-opener
THE WEEK- Cover Story
Extraordinary stories of 10 ordinary people who refused to give up
Book Features
‘GIFTED’ : Inspiring stories of People with Disabilities (A national bestseller)
Women in Leadership (Summer 2017) : Portraits of Women Redefining Disability 
The Brew Magazine : Across seven seas and further 
News & Media Websites
Honored by Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam  – Rashtrapati Bhavan
From Bomb Blast Survivor to UN Speaker: The story of Malvika Iyer – The Logical Indian
Looking beyond limitations – Femina
‘I’m glad both my hands were blown off’ – Friday Magazine
This 28-Year-Old Global Icon’s Story Proves the Power of a Mother’s Love and Determination  – The Better India
She Rose Like The Phoenix – Red Elephant Foundation
Double Amputee Malvika Iyer, Praised By Chef Vikas Khanna For Her Cooking, Finally Gets A Ph.D. – Indiatimes
She Cooked for the First Time After Losing Her Hands, Impressing Vikas Khanna & Many Others – The Better India
Losing Both Hands In A Blast Didn’t Stop This Woman From Cooking Or Making Vikas Khanna Proud!  – Indiatimes
Girl Who Lost Hands In Bomb Blast, Cooks For 1st Time And Has Vikas Khanna And Others Impressed! – STORYPICK
‘Fight and you will survive:’ Bomb blast survivor Malvika Iyer on rebuilding a worthy life – YOURSTORY
Losing Both Her Hands In A Bomb Blast Didn’t Stop Her From Cooking & It’s All Kinds Of Inspiring -ScoopWhoop
Power Daughter: Malvika Iyer’s inspirational journey – Nykka
Life Took This Fashionista’s Hands So She Grew Wings – Fashion101
Malvika Iyer on being a bomb blast survivor and on her mom – Mums and Stories
What a freak explosion couldn’t take from Malvika Iyer – The Alternative
From bomb blast survivor to disability rights activist – The Active Amputee
The bomb blast survivor who never played the victim card – Be Bold People
Never say die – DNA India
A Bomb Blast Survivor, A Bilateral Amputee, A Social Worker And A Motivational speaker – Women of Courage
WhatFeministsWear – Huffington Post
Malvika Iyer Doodle – Femcylopaedia
Meet 30 Women Who Champion Feminism on Social Media – She The People
This Blast Survivor Proved She Is ‘Unstoppable’…Know How! – News World India
“I’m Glad This Accident Happened”. Meet Malvika Iyer – Fuelling Dreams
Against all odds – iJugaad
“Sometimes I thank God that the accident happened; otherwise my life wouldn’t have been as amazing as it is now” – The Salute
‘Stop Judging People With Disability’ – Point Blank 7
A Bomb Blast Survivor Who Never Played The Victim Card – Bold Sky
Showstopper at NIFT Fashion Show – NIFT Showstopper
People with disabilities destroy stigma on Twitter with #DisabledAndCute – Mashable
The Girl Who Lived – Medium
Bomb blast survivor Malvika says that fighting is the only way to survive- our Independence day hero – Evesly
Malvika Iyer: Disability is in the Mind of the Observer, not the Observed – Know your Story
Back with a blast, 2 years on – Teen shines in exam after losing forearms in freak mishap – The Telegraph
The ‘Malvika Effect’- unshackled by the past, undaunted by the future 
 ‘Inclusive Fashion’ for Success & ABILITY – India’s Cross- Disability Magazine
Delhi: Disabled activist denied entry to upscale restaurant – Hindustan Times
National Media Features
Feature in Mathrubhumi 
Feature in Dailythanthi
Feature in Andhra Jyothy
Feature in Eenadu 
Feature in Vikatan
Feature in Dinakaran
Feature in Aval Vikatan
Feature in Kannada Prabha
Feature in Patrika
Feature in Prabhat Khabhar
Feature in Dainik Bhaskar 
The Phoenix (Malvika Iyer) ABILITYFEST 2013
BOOM! The Destruction Attraction
Malvika Iyer’s amazing story of grit and courage!
A bilateral amputee and bomb blast survivor, Malvika Iyer’s motto in life is to be unstoppable!
A story of what grit is made up of | Phoenix Pengal | 
Malvika Iyer at India Inclusion Summit
One among the 20 women selected to attend the Women in the World Summit, in association with the New York Times
Amazing story of grit – Malvika Iyer – 6TV Vijetha
Chennai Live – 104.8 FM celebrates International Women’s Day by paying tribute to all the women achievers around the world!